What we do.

  The Cinderella-Cinderfella Vision:

To give a memory of kindness, caring and friendship to high school seniors with emotional, financial and family challenges.

To accomplish this vision takes many, many dedicated volunteers. Social workers for Fort Bend ISD; Roderick Martin, Paulette Bray, LaSonya McArthur, Van Hua and Renee Edwards have selected students who they know to be in need and deserving. 
The students write an essay. Our volunteers choose the students who will fully participate in our program and those who will participate in Myriam’s Closet. A
fter they are included in our programs, we do the following;

Myriam’s Closet was created to give prom attire only to the students selected.

» At our reception: We meet, befriend, encourage, mentor and gift the students. Committee members let the students know what will be done for them!

» A sponsor/volunteer is assigned to help the student remember appointments, be a mentor, be a friend. Robert Wolter, Director of the Wharton County Junior College speaks to them about higher education and offers his help, as well as his staff’s, for financial assistance and help with their applications for grants etc.

» The Cinderella fitting: For the girls: the sponsor helps select an appropriate gown,  jewelry, order the flowers, shoes, evening bag, make appointments for hair and makeup for prom day. All hair and makeup etc. is done by professionals. For Prom 2012, High Heel Junkie has offered to provide shoes.
Shoes and evening bags are collected all year.

» Dresses are also collected all year. We have two drop off points (click on CONTRIBUTIONS). We are lucky to have the generosity of “The Silver Hanger” in Katy, TX, who has given us dresses. Kim Dukotsky is our volunteer who goes to Katy and picks up the dresses for us. All volunteers collect dresses.

» Sue Adam, Connie Pace and Mary Jane Newton are in charge of purchasing, displaying and matching the jewelry to the girls’ outfits. They are the experts and have been volunteering  for over 9 years

» For the boys: fitting at Al’s Formal Wear in Sugar Land, TX. The sponsor helps with the selection of the tuxedo. All tuxedo and accessory rentals are donated to our project by Al’s. We provide flowers  for students and their dates. Boys’ hair will be their own responsibility.

» Cinderellas and Fellas get a prom ticket when available and a disposable camera and thank you notes with stamped envelopes. Thank you notes have each student’s name printed and personally donated by Sharyn Hale of Jaimy’s Designs. The envelopes are stamped and addressed to the Cinderella/Cinderfella Project, Inc. to help the students send in thank you notes and pictures after prom. The cameras are generously donated by Georgia Hicks and Delta Kappa Gamma Society.

» On prom day, the girls and the boys get a gift bag.These gift bags are an amazing creation by Yaffa Steubinger and Lauren Arnold. They outdo themselves every year and are a source of joy to the students!

» After prom, there is a “thank you” celebration for all volunteers and benefactors. In 2011 FORT BEND CARES hosted an evening at Fun TIKI amusement center in Missouri City. At that time, we have a slide show on a big screen TV where everyone can see what we have done that year!!!!

» After prom, students who have indicated that they want to continue their education, are encouraged and assisted.
There is a scholarship fund established by Leah and Jesse Gronner, called the Jacob Scholarship Fund, at Wharton County Junior College, that helps towards this end.

» Patsy Crocker, a benefactor and volunteer of many years, has also personally assisted students with their college education and we have many success stories!

» The Flower team: Barbara Rosenberg and Pat’s House of blooms in Sugar Land get all the flowers ready for the prom.

» Susie Eshet  and Susan Basler are the gown team. You can find them in the storage room frequently, inspecting, sorting and doing inventories.

Lynn Goodrich is our office director/grant writer/anything else coordinator.

Kim Dukotsky is our shoe director/space planner/all around helper.

Henry Fackeldey is in charge of this website.

Vi Hua is our Fashion Designer/consultant. She is at the fitting, making sure every dress is a perfect fit.

Sharyn Hale and Wynn Johnson coordinate all hair and make up for the girls on their prom day.

Nir Eshet is our resident photographer.

It is impossible to list or name all all the people who make this a phenomenal experience for our students. THANK YOU ALL !!!!!